Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oldtown White Coffee Singapore Welcome Your Feedback

Welcome to our new blog page, this blog is dedicated to our customers with any comments, questions, feedback, complaints or even suggestions.


In this blog page we'll put out more information about our products, company background, and our branches in Singapore.



sethfymum said...

We went to the Old Town outlet at Big Splash on 25th Oct around 6.30pm. We were queuing up for a table for our group of 10 pax when a waitress TSK TSK me when I accidentally blocked her passageway. I was not able to see her as she was coming from behind.

During our dinner, the 9 of us had received our food and my friend's nissin noddle with ham and egg did not arrive 30 mins after we received our items.

We checked with the staff twice and were told that it is coming....but 10 mins later.....still no noodle. My friend was so famished and angry that he wanted to cancel his order and managed to get the refund for that item.

However the staff kept bringing to our table the food that we did not order for at least 3 times!

The food were also not up to standard. The ice teas were diluted, rendang chicken was terribly dry, ipoh hor fun was tasteless, tuna bread tasted sour and wasn't fresh. The peanut butter toast were also burnt and dry.

We are very disapointed with the food and service.

ToUcH yOuR hEaRt, ToUcH mY sOul said...

On 30th of March, I visited your Jurong Point outlet. After eating the tuna toast and teh tarik there, i had a diahrroea and started vomiting. It was so serious that i was unable to walk and an ambulance had to be called. I was immediately admitted into hospital(NUH) and was put on a drip. It was confirmed, with an official letter, by a senior consultant, that it was food poisoning due to the food that i took at Old Town since it was the last meal that i had.

I am apalled that Old Town is so unprofessional in handling this matter. When i was discharged, i informed the manager of the outlet (including proof of my admission into NUH and food poisoning). However it took a few months for Old Town to reply to me, informing me that nothing will be done. I am extremely upset at the reply given to me as it makes it seem that i am the one at fault for eating your tuna toast! I did not pay Old Town to give me a food poisonning and making me suffer! I cannot believe that Old Town, an established cafe is so insincere towards its customers.

Even during the time when i had food poisoning, there was no assistance from your seemingly ignorant staff. Is this how Old Town trains their staff? i have told my family and friends about this matter and they are very disappointed that a trustworthy cafe like Old Town provides their customer with such horrible service.i believe that customers not only patronise for quality food but also for quality service. if Old Town is so insincere in handling such matters, i believe no one will be interested in coming to Old Town cafe anymore.

Especially, there are so many cafes out there who serve cheaper food with better services. Needless to say, my family and i have decided not to patronise Old Town anymore.these are the type of services that causes the company to lose their business! You have caused me emotional and mental trauma as well as inconvenience to me and my family. What strucks me most is that you do not reflect on your mistake given the fact that you did not apologise but instead told me that nothing will be done! What is this? Are you telling me that maintaining low hygeine standard is acceptable? Or are you telling me that every customer is eating at their own risk and whatever happens to them is their problem? This is ridiculous and unacceptable!

To prevent more people from being harmed, i will warn my family and friends not to patronise any of your outlets. I have a very deep and unpleasant impression of your outlet!i hope that you will look into this matter seriously and give me a satisfactory explaination on this matter. i also hope that Old Town will apologise to me personally and it is best that you review your hygiene standards befoe serving food onto the table to innocent customers! They do not pay you to suffer!